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If you don't make your parenting decisions based on knowledge and careful consideration, then this is NOT the place for you.

Come and tell us all about your children. What are the latest milestones, what are you having problems with, what would you like to seek advice on...... anything that is on your mind.

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* No foul language

* Put ALL graphics and images behind a LiveJournal cut

* Do not advertise other communities

* Respect your fellow community members

* Do not disable or screen comments

* Have fun and meet new friends

* No fake journals

* Be open-minded

Feel free to join if you have questions, concerns or information on subjects such as:

Hospital, Home, Natural or Medicated Births
Formula Feeding
Breastfeeding, Extended Breastfeeding, or Nursing in Public
Attachment Parenting
Stay at Home or Working Parents
Public, Private, Home, or Un-Schooling

and much much more. Our website is beyond a message board. We are a great parenting resource and we hope you take advantage of us.

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